Q: How to get a free email account at TLS-Mail?

A: All accounts were opened by hand. Please drop an email to: accounts@tls-mail.com. In the email you should tell me what is your desired email address, including username and domain. If you prefer no email communication, you could PM me from EMD forum.

Q: How to choose an username?

A: For free user, we have limit on the length of username. That's to say, username should be greater or equal to 5 chars. Otherwise you can ask for a premium account from me, which has no limit on the length.

Q: How to choose the email domain?

A: You can choose one of the below domains.

Q: Do you support the customized domain?

A: Sorry, we don't support personal domains.

Q: Do you support the alias?

A: No, we don't support the email aliases.

Q: How to change password?

A: Please change the initial password from the default webmail as soon as you have got the account.

Q: What's the technology architecture of TLS-Mail?

A: It is powered by MXroute, Cloudflare, Let's Encrypt and some other providers.

Q: Does it have any limitation on mailbox size and sending volume?

A: It has none yet, but you should not abuse the system resource.

Q: Can the owner read user's messages?

A: He can't. The storage is run by the third party system.

Q: What is the default webmail address?

A: https://webmail.tls-mail.com

Q: Does it support Squirrelmail?

A: Yes, please login from: Squirrelmail

Q: How can clients access the email account?

A: Please use the settings below to access your email from clients (thunderbird etc).

  • IMAP server: mail.tls-mail.com, port: 993, SSL/TLS enabled
  • SMTP server: mail.tls-mail.com, port: 465, SSL/TLS enabled
  • POP3 server: mail.tls-mail.com, port: 995, SSL/TLS enabled

Q: Where is the mail server located at?

A: Netherlands South Holland Naaldwijk.



You can NOT send spam or scam messages using TLS-Mail, otherwise I have the privileges to disable the account.